Happy Tails For Babe

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: 03 / 09 / 18
Pet’s AARF Name: Babe
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Co Co
How is your adopted pet doing? Co Co is doing great. She has really progressed from when we first brought her home.She was only crated for 11/2 weeks at night only, until she became familiar with our house and the dog door. She loves being able to go outside any time she wants.I have never had a dog that could run as fast as she can.She chased a wild rabbit down in our back yard and caught it.We live around a lot of farms. Co Co loves looking at the cows and horses and barking at them.She is starting to get better around people that she is not acquainted with.Co Co has became a part of our family.I think she has found her forever home.
Thank You
(Sorry I don’t have a scanner to send photos)

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  1. Ricky Kendall says:

    I am so glad fond a happy great home. She was our first foster and loved her very much …..”Happy Tails CoCo…..”

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