Happy Tails from Abigail




Freddy adopted Abigail Jan 18 and her new name is Bailee.  She is Happy and excited to be with her new family. She loves to run and play on her 5.2 acres with her Daddy’s and she loves to give tons of kisses. She is a real fast learner. she does tricks already for treats. she has taken over the house. she loves to snuggle under the covers at bed time and stay close. she visits neighbors and other doggies and loves to be loved on. People say she is the prettiest beagle pup ever. I have to agree that she is.


  1. Kara says:

    So happy to hear that … wishing your whole family well and take good care of that sweet girl! Congrats!

  2. Larry Keyes says:

    Sounds like Bailee is now in dog heaven. Good show for giving a piece of your heart to her. You compassion will return many times amplified as joy and satisfaction.
    And, as a lifelong Westerner, we out-West guys believe that Real Men love animals. Props from that perspective as well.
    Happy Trails to you both.

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