Cinnamon’s Story


Cinnamon was found tied out to a tree.  A citizen had requested from the owner that she turn her over.  Luckily, she agreed.  Cinnamon was our first heartworm positive dog.  It broke our hearts, but we prayed that she would overcome it.  Thankfully, she did just that!  This is what her new family has to say about her:


Here is a pic of Cinnamon with housemate, Toby. We are delighted Cinnamon has found a home with us.  She definitely is a very loving, warm dog and loves to sit in our laps. She is such a joy and so loveable.  Am amazed how well she took to us.  Loves to sleep in our bed and gives lots of kisses.  Had her groomed Sat. and she did very well.  Thank you again for letting us adopt her.  She lights up our lives. 

Bev & Bob

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