Bobby’s Story

Bobby is a full blooded Boston Terrier that was rescued from our local animal shelter.  His owners surrendered him after claiming that he caused dog fights.  Truth of the matter is, he appeared to be the one that took the brunt of the beatings.  After getting a few checkups and getting his health back in order, we put him up for adoption and found the PERFECT home for this 1/2 blind, somewhat deaf dog with the PERFECT personality around people, children, dogs…and cats???  well….he’s learning…
Dear Jennifer,
We just wanted to thank you again for Bobby.  He is better then I could have ever even dreamed.  He is perfect for us on the road, either sleeping or riding in one of our laps.  When we stop at the truck stops and rest areas he is ready to go play and explore!  The trucks and all their loud noises do not seem to bother him at all. He doesn’t pay them any mind. We even ran into some wild kittens in Greenville Virginia, he looked but as soon as I told him it was time to move on he was right there with me.  He has been to California, Texas, Maryland, and St. Louis so far. He got to stop and visit route 66.  We are getting ready to go to northern California on Monday. Last week he went to the lake on our boat with us.  He spent the day laying in the sun with our friends black lab mix.  He seems to react exactly the same no matter where he is.  I have seen not an ounce of any “dog aggression”.  Nothing seems to bother him.
I think he has accepted that this is his new home.  This morning I was weeding my garden and he just wandered around and slept in the drive way.  He has been to a BBQ, everyone loves him.  he has meet my dads wire hair terrier.  They ran and ran all over my yard.   He again, was perfect.  He is the most mellow dog.  Thank you again.  He is the perfect addition to our family!!
Rob & Chena Morris

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