Betty Lou’s Story

I adopted “betty lou”, now named “akira-lee” this summer. I just thought i’d write you to give you an update on how she’s doing.

well, she’s changed a lot, her coat is getting much longer and more gray in color! she’s so funny, she’s growing a beard. Her little face is so comical, she’s got one ear that flops over and one that stands up straight and the cutest little underbite. She’s very happy in her new home, she’s got the run of the house and is considered very much part of the family. My parents call themselves her Nanny and Grampy/bid daddy. The family has even bought her a christmas stocking to hang up on the mantel with everyone else’s and everyone’s buying her a gift. she’s the baby of the family. Her first birthday is coming up on Feb. 7 and we are planning a BIG party! All of her (my) close friends and family will be coming. She’s getting ready to start attending doggy day care very soon. I think she will love it because she adores the people there as they are her groomers as well. Shortly after adopting her, we had to make the move from tennessee back up to my home town in Maine due to unexpected issues. She made the transition great! We lived on a lake with my parents for a little while and she loved having free run of the yard! She also enjoys the boat rides my step father takes her on. (he bought her a special little life jacket!) Overall, she’s very happy and very very loved. I want to thank you for letting her become a part of our family! She really is my baby, I love her with all of my heart and I know that she feels the same for me. So thank you again, for both of us, my family, my friends and everyone who her life has touched! (The town loves to see her at parades and events, they love her ears!)
A few new pictures of her are attached and I hope you enjoy them.
Thank you so much again,
-Alaina and Akira-Lee

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