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Donate Your Time – Become A Foster Home

There is absolutely no person more valuable to a rescue organization than a foster parent. In fact, animal rescue would be almost impossible if it weren’t for the caring souls willing to open their hearts and their homes to these animals in desperate need of a temporary, loving environment.

Personal Info
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  4. Email is the primary way we reach our fosters, so please be sure to check your email for our followup.
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  11. The homeless animals throughout the Upper Cumberland thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent for A.A.R.F. (All About Rescue and Fixin Inc.). To be sure that this foster home placement is in the best interest of you and the animals, please answer ALL of the following questions:
Tell Us About Yourself
  1. Have you ever been convicted of an animal-related crime?
  2. Do you have enough time during the day to properly care for a foster animal?
  3. Foster animals require the same type of care your own animals would require. Some need medications, others need to get to veterinary appointments or adoption events. These animals need to be cared for like you would care for your own animals.
  4. Would you describe yourself as a patient person?
  5. Have you ever fostered an animal before?
  6. Have you ever worked in an animal shelter or with an animal rescue in the past?
  7. Are you prepared for possible potty accidents, destructive behavior, barking, whining, etc?
  8. Will you be able to let the animal go when an appropriate home is found for it?
  9. Would you be able to take your foster animal(s) to vet appointments and to our Adoption Days every Saturday in Cookeville?
  10. What is your commitment time for fostering animals?

Tell Us About Your Home
  1. Do you own or rent your residence?
  2. If you rent, will you be able to provide proof that animals are allowed?
  3. For dogs only: Do you have a fenced yard?
  4. Do you live alone or with others?
  5. Does everyone in your home want to foster an animal?

Fostering Preferences
  1. Please select any of the following animal types that you would be willing to provide foster care to:

  2. What activity level animal would you prefer?
  3. Would it be acceptable if these foster animals were: (check all that applies)

Tell Us About Your Pets
  1. Are ALL the pets in your home spayed or neutered?
  2. Are ALL your current pets up to date on their yearly vaccinations?
  3. DOGS ONLY: Are your dogs currently on monthly heartworm prevention?
  4. Do you plan to isolate the foster animal(s) from your own animals?
What Would You Do If...
  1. By submitting this document electronically, you give the board members of A.A.R.F. the right to follow up on all information provided in this application in an effort to approve your application. Approval will be determined by the A.A.R.F. board of directors, which can include, but is not limited to contacting references, contacting veterinarians, contacting authorities, speaking with neighbors, and conducting a home inspection. You understand that the board of directors of A.A.R.F. has only the best interest of the foster animals in mind, and will only place foster animals in homes in which the board of directors determine to be appropriate foster homes. A.A.R.F. reserves the right to refuse any application without reason or explanation.
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